Losing Weight: The Do’s and Don’ts When on a Diet!!

Weight loss or health management

Weight loss or health management is often times a very grueling experience, that doesn’t necessarily have to be torture. There are many behaviors, traditions, and routines you can follow to help alleviate some of the more difficult aspects of trying to lose weight. The following habits are all backed by nutritionist standards.

When Snacking, Do so Intelligently

People have, in the last century, begun defining breakfast, lunch, and dinner as the appropriate times to partake of food. This confining and sometimes detrimental food tradition has led to an increase of natural weight gain and decrease in healthy behaviors. This routine is often considered to be just how things are done, regardless of the problems it can sometimes create. Depending on your physical build, amount of activity you perform daily, and what you put into your body – you may or may not feel hungry between meals. This often leads to snacking. Snack foods in general are far from healthy, often adding hundreds of calories to your diet. But if you choose not to eat at all, you risk a junk-food binge later.

Try snacking on protein-filled snacks, such as a stick of string cheese or mixed nuts.

Turn Off Your Television

Eating while you watch television can inadvertently cause you to ingest almost forty percent more calories than usual, a new report finds. The study, performed under rigorous supervision, found that when a viewer having a large portioned dinner was more likely to eat more than they meant or should have because their mind was distracted from their body as they watched TV. Texting and driving similarly distracts, as your concentration is not on the full feeling in your stomach, but rather on the road or your phone.

Even if you’re eating alone, try to sit down at a table far from distractions. Turn off your phone and enjoy your meal.

Measure Your Weight Consistently

Getting into the habit of stepping on a scale daily can be a bit of a chore, but it’s something you should become accustomed to in as little as a week. Measuring your waist, thighs, and chest are also recommended. Documenting the changes of your body are as, if not more, important in dieting as eating healthily and working out. If you decide to try something different in your diet or become lax in your exercise routine, the scale and your measurements will help motivate you in returning to higher standards as you grow bigger once again.

If your regular weight increases several days in a row, it’s a red flag letting you know you need to cut back a little or beef up your workouts slightly.

Building Muscle Helps Eliminate Fat

Did you know that your muscles not only help you perform physically strenuous work outs, but also augment your metabolism? It’s true. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be. Muscle growth and development, much like the brain and heart, are derived from the fat within the body. The energy from fat is transformed into muscle cells, making you stronger and more appealing to the eye as you exercise. Sculpting work outs are therefore great for those who are losing weight to not only increase their physical health and wellness, but to be more attractive to the opposite sex as well. Push-ups, lunges, and squats are the very best in creating these muscles without the use of expensive machines.

Deal with Cravings Creatively

We’ve felt the effects of food cravings one time or another. Sometimes a certain food just gets stuck in your mind, and you’re unable to stop from thinking about it constantly. Those thoughts eventually lead to you racing out to buy that food, which can be very bad when minding your weight.

When next your mind gets stuck on a food you’re craving, try phoning a friend and having a conversation. Ask them how their day went. What their plans are. Distract yourself from the thought of food entirely. This will remove the temptation while strengthening social ties to other people. You can also try drinking a large glass of water. The full feeling from the water on your stomach may be enough to satisfy the craving before you’re forced to run out and purchase said temptation.


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