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Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

One of the most overlooked aspects of dieting is that losing weight is not always healthy. People always associate thin with fit, and fit with healthy, but in fact fitness, fatness and healthiness do not go together as easily as you might think. There are plenty of this people who are unhealthy. There are many people who are fit, but overweight. There is no shortage of people who are perfectly healthy in every way, but who still need to lose weight. The problem is that in many cases, especially where weight loss and fitness are concerned, someone will sacrifice their overall well-being for the sake of being thinner, or to achieve a high level of fitness. While this may be OK for some athletes or other sports men or women, it is rarely a good idea for the average person.

Eat less, eat better, exercise more

The secret, as is the case in most aspects of life, is balance. If you can maintain a reasonable level of weight, healthiness and fitness, then not only will it be better for you in the long run, but you will find that your fitness or weight loss goals actually become easier to achieve. Here ate we believe that this balance can be maintained by eating less, eating better, and exercising more, but not to extremes.

Eat less

It’s not rocket science. If you are overweight, then in 99% of cases it’s because you are eating too much. Your body is designed to store excess food as fat, so if you eat more than your body requires to perform the physical tasks you are asking of it, then it will store what it doesn’t need. Usually on your hips and thighs if you’re a woman, and on your stomach if you’re a man. This is the reason most people gain weight. Now, if you suddenly start eating considerably less, then ironically your body will continue to store food, because it’s reacting to what it perceives as a crisis, namely an imminent famine. This will leave you even hungrier as your body tries to tell you to eat as much as possible while you can. This won’t work at all. What you have to do is gradually reduce your intake. That way your body acclimatises to the changing circumstances, which causes much less of a shock to your system.

Eat better

As well as eating less, you do of course have to eat better. It’s really no good swapping two big meals a day for a bag of donuts! But by the same token, it’s no good just cutting out all the fatty foods, or all the high carbohydrate foods. You need to look at what you’re eating already, and adjust it. You probably want to eat more fruit and vegetables. Chances are you could do with reducing the amount of processed sugars and fats (it’s those donuts again!) But seriously, if you are really honest about what you eat,you’ll find a lot of undesirables in there. In the middle will be the standard bread, meat, dairy produce and so on. These are the things that you should reduce slightly. That way you should achieve a better balance of food in your diet.

Exercise more

While it’s true that if you visit your local gym you will find see that there are plenty if fit but fat people around, there’s no escaping the fact that to achieve lasting weight loss, you will probably need to exercise more. What’s needed is not extreme fitness training of body building, but regular cardio-vascular exercise to improve the balance between the amount of fuel you put in, and the amount of energy you burn up. This is the ultimate secret to successful weight loss – get the balance right. So if you don’t take any exercise, start with the obvious things. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or cycle regularly, start using that health club membership you’ve already paid for. Just don’t overdo it.

Balance is the key

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make sure you remain healthy during your weight loss program. If you overdo anything, dieting or exercising, it will become more difficult, and you’re very unlikely to stick with it.

Good luck!

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